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Dreaming Out Loud October 15, 2008

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It’s not Baldees or Shoona, but it’s definitely something.

School’s been busy, IB’s been demanding, extra-cirriculars have been interfering. And it looks like both Baldees and Shoona are on hold indefinitely for the time being. However, with NaNoWriMo coming up, it’s about to get a lot busier. The next month is going to be one crazy long ride; who’s on the wave with me?

Pleasant surfing today though – some new shirts have been released!

Now availabe in these, among numerous other, shapes, sizes, and colors.
@ http://www.cafepress.com/deltay
Go check ’em out!

In terms of photography, haven’t had too many opportunities for shoots lately, but there are some new pieces up in my portfolio @ http://deltay.deviantart.com




1. Meaghan - October 15, 2008

Lol thanks.
It’s not hair dye. I edited it 🙂

2. Cindy - October 16, 2008

Awesome photography with those papered stars. :]
they look cuute. ❤

haha. your welcome. 🙂
hehee, yeahh.. teehee. just wait it off. 8D
lol, but this is my first time actually trying to buy something.
because my parents never let me buy anything for anyonee.
soo. yeah. lol.

3. Alice - October 16, 2008

Lol, thanks for the comment at my site. ^_^
Yes, actually, ’tis a real word. It means “weird.”


4. Gillian - October 16, 2008

Lol yeah it sure does 😦
Yeah thats what i was hoping but my parents arent like that at all.
Im going to have to blow them away if i want to get back any possible hope of an iphone .
Hope school and everything is going well for you ! 🙂
Love the site btw.

5. Elora Mariel (kiks) - October 17, 2008

WOW! all your photographs are nice! 😀 Really! I think you’ve inspired me to try and take more. 😀

What kind of writing do you write?? 🙂 Narratives or expository? 🙂 I’m more on narratives. 😀

those are nice shirts. 😀 I’ll check them out later. 🙂

& don’t stress okay? in case you might cause of all the things you have to do. 🙂

6. Lily - October 18, 2008

heyyyyyy yea i’m asian too XD and since you said “too” they are are asian right 😀 ahahaha

uahhhh t-shirts lol

7. Sakura - November 15, 2008

You play the violin too? Wow. Want to exchange links?

8. Elora Mariel - November 16, 2008

Yeah I know. School can just both make you want to quickly get away from it yet at the same time make you reluctant to do that. 😀

& thanks for the tags! 🙂 I hope school isn’t very busy for you. Remember to take a day to relax and all though. 🙂

9. Mariel - November 17, 2008

School Busy ha? me too kinda.The shirts are so cool..

10. Jhoice - December 21, 2008

wow those pics are
so coOL, especially da 2nd one.:<33

11. Gel - December 22, 2008

School’s been kinda hectic for me too to think that even if i’m on break, there’s still lots of schoolwork to do! :s

12. Gillian - December 30, 2008

Heey! Thanks for passing through haha.
Hope you have an excellent New Years as well.

13. Lilly - December 30, 2008

Thank you 🙂
Cute site, by the way!

14. Paige - December 30, 2008

Thank you!
Happy Holidays to you too!

15. Madison - December 31, 2008

Thanks! Happy New Years to you too!

16. Lexi - January 19, 2009

Thanks for the comment! ^_^ I sure hope I got the rite place, but if I did, then your Deltay who left a comment saying about my cboxes. ^_^ Lol. If so, I know. I got the idea from Reesha @ Autumn Sunsets. She doesn’t do that anymore, but I kept the idea, just for fun. It’s cool because I get lots for comments from random people about why I decided to do that. 🙂

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