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About Baldees

Baldee was born some time in October of 2005, and the brainchild has been stewing, forming, and changing ever since then. It was officially decided that Baldees the clothing line would have a definite existence sometime in early 2008.

 The Spring 2008 Collection is currently planned for an official release on April 1, 2008, so keep your eyes peeled!



1. CELINEE - August 14, 2008

Whoo, I thought it would take me a while to find a place to reply to your Cbox comment, but I guess not. I hope this is the right one though xD

Anywho… thank you for the comment : )
Yeah, the word max for cboxes got smaller. I used to be able to go on for much longer.

I actually don’t play the violin, but I thought it was beautiful when I found the picture. And I wanted sort of a music theme for my first layout. I’m in a slow learning process for the guitar though (self-teaching).

Plus, the song that’s supposed to be playing has violins in it so I thought that was nice : )

2. Lin - December 31, 2008

Hey, thanks for the c-box comment. You have yourself a lovely site here. Your photography, is truly stricking. (= And happy new year to you also!

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