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Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year August 13, 2008

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Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year – Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn
Junior year can be killer – Jenny Green should know.
Jenny’s your typical spoiled brat with a revenge craving streak. In keeping with her character, she convinces her parents to let her leave Long Island for Molson Academy, a boarding school in Montreal. Through a series of rather unfortunate incidences, Jenny begins building a case against the male gender in general.
While losing herself, Jenny discovers her inner killer. Guys, this is one femme fatale that you do not want to mess with.
Deviously funny in parts and shockingly serious in others, the dark humour in Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year is not for the faint of heart. The killer duo of Amy Belasen and Jacob Osborn has cranked out quite a murderous book – in the literal sense. More so than you know.
Funny enough for stress relief, but deep enough for readers to emphasize with, Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year will leave you questioning yourself. Just remember, not everything is as it seems. That girl-next-door over there? You could be her next victim.
One thing’s for sure though; Jenny Green has had a Killer Junior Year.

Big Big Sky + Outside Beauty July 17, 2008

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Big Big Sky by Kristyn Dunnion

One Pod. The chilling mantra of Kristyn Dunnion’s futuristic science fiction book Big Big Sky draws parallels with the present world, exposes widely avoided truths, and forces readers to rethink the current situation of the world.
ScanMans, an alien world, have taken over the ravaged remains of the earth, dominating the lives of every Pod, controlling every aspect of their more or less meaningless existence. These Pods are fighting machines, trained to do this and nothing less. But as they reach the wild, their StarPod begins to change.
In the pages of Big Big Sky, Dunnion has woven a very real world where survival is everything and it’s every Pod for themselves. Through journeys of discovery–discovery of the truth, discovery of the past, and self-discovery–everything that not only the characters know, but everything that the reader knows and has taken for granted, is thrown into turmoil. Questioned. Reflected, wondered about.
The very integrity of co-habitation of different spieces and morality of human actions and situations are shaded in undertones.
An entrancing read with unique vocabulary and a very distinct storytelling style. Readers are carried along, feeling the very emotions of the characters as they face trial after tribulation. From the very glum glum moments to the marvel at the big big sky, Dunnion’s Big Big Sky is a very raw read.
Now it’s your turn. Decline, Deform, Disobey.

Outside Beauty by Cynthia Kadohata

One mother. Four daughters, one unbreakable bond. However, when an accident drives the four away from their mother to each of their different respective fathers, the bond is threatened, stretched, and thinned to breaking point.

Raised by their mother in an environment where outside beauty is everything, the girls receive a wake up call and are forced to cope with the fact that their lives have been drastically changed.

In Outside Beauty, Newberry Medal-winning author Cynthia Kadohata has explored and pushed the conventional beliefs of society. Through the spunky first person narration of Shelby, Kadohata has demonstrated the true power of sisterly love.

Thought-provoking and deep, Kadohata’s Outside Beauty depicts a journey; the journey that four girls unwillingly embarked upon to find themselves as well as the previously distanced relationship with their fathers, and finally, emerged to become stronger, more responsible, and better versed in the ways of the world.

Marilyn. Shelby. Lakey. Maddie. Four different girls with four different fathers. Four people who discovered that sometimes, it’s the beauty on the inside that really counts.

One beautiful read.